• About Us

    Balaklava was founded in 1993. Over the decades, we have adapted and evolved into a

    pure custom electronics integration firm. Our services cover, residential, commercial, corporate,

    and houses of worship. We have also learned that people do business with people. Our Team is imperative to delivering the right solution for every client. Below is the team that makes the magic happen.

    We are looking for dedicated team members.

Mark Pinder

Mark’s two primary roles are Sales and Quality Control for all projects at Balaklava. He is passionate about staying close to the customer experience and building processes that ensure success. The best way to be certain that we are delivering a great technology solution is to stay connected to the Client.

Mark is in charge of all high-level programming and service, system design, and employee management to ensure standards are met. He is CEDIA-certified and is a certified programmer for RTI, Vantage, URC and Lutron. When not at work, Mark maintains an empty nest in the country with his wife Sherry. He enjoys traveling, reading, day-tripping, NFL football and taking in as much of the outdoors as possible

Kelly Weber

Kelly has kept everything running smoothly at Balaklava Audio since 2017 as our trusty manager with over 15 years of customer service. In charge of both our office and shop, she keeps track of all administration including ordering, invoicing and payroll. She also maintains shop inventory on a day-to-day basis. Outside of work, Kelly loves getting involved in local sports and spending time with her family. Her favorite hobbies include watching cat videos on YouTube and collecting antique toothbrushes. 

Ross Moore

Ross bookends Balaklava’s projects by assisting in designing the initial proposal with the engineering details and then implementing the installation. This allows Ross to fully understand a project before it is installed. As our team technician, Ross is in charge of the final installation for all of our projects. He takes care of all the technical aspects including racks, wiring and ongoing service.

Ross’s primary background is as a sound engineer, having worked for some of the top bands in the UK through BBC Radio Wales’ live sessions. His four years in the British Army as an infantry rifleman showcased his commitment to service and excellence. He lives with his wife, two girls, a cat and a dog. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, video gaming, watching movies and listening to music.

Jay Feser

After completing his education, Jay tried to save the world by working for Greenpeace Canada as an IT Technician in Vancouver.  After a year or so, the opportunity to make videogames came along and for almost the next decade, he could be found at Electronic Arts making games like NHL, FIFA, Madden, Need 4 Speed and SIM City.   Moving away from corporate life, he designed realtime visualization and UI software as well as partnering to create Elastic Media, supporting hundreds of artists with live and automated stage lighting and projections from small venues to  massive festivals.  During this time he started helping his friend with some renovation work and caught the building bug.  A few years on and the move was made to Ontario.  After 8 years of top to bottom renovations, Jay is bringing things full circle to combine both of these skill sets for Balaklava. 

When he's not working he can usually be found inside producing music in his studio, cnc modeling and fabricating, painting, sculpting and cooking.  On nice days he enjoys being out with his family and his dog, hiking the most challenging trails he can find.

500+ Projects

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