The One Bin Challenge
Can your company or house meet the one bin of trash challenge
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Basement Conversion?

There are more people at home these days and there are more people per house at home. Functional space is becoming more important. We have a few ideas on what can be done with basement.

Working parents need a place to work at home and the basement is a great location. The sound isolation and physica...
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Don't Be Home Alone

In these trying times of Covid-19, many of us are working from home and/or we are one of the few people in the office. It is difficult to know who is at the door or at the gate wanting in. Maybe it is just the delivery driver, maybe it is the repair person that you need to work on something.

There a...

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More Local Canadian Brands

We rarely talk about brands/products or the technology to deliver an experience. Our focus is on understanding our customer's needs and then finding the right tools to deliver Technology Simplified. However, we have adjusted our product lines to be more Canadian based.


Now more than...

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Our Brand has Evolved
More than Audio Video Our evolved brand is Balaklava. I once heard that your brand is in your customer's mouth. You are what they say you are and they vote with their dollars and referrals. Our customers/business partners usually refer to us as "Balaklava". We have removed "audio" from our branding.
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