The One Bin Challenge

03.12.21 04:21 PM By mark

We Challenge Your House/Company to the One Bin Challenge

Can your business/home put only one small can of garbage in the landfill per week? We do! And we challenge you to do the same.

We are an electronics contractor that gets a significant amount of: cardboard boxes, styrofoam, plastic bags, packing material, pallets, scrape wire, wire tie remnants and the list goes on and on. Yet, our contribution to the landfill is one small can of garbage a week.

Balaklava has developed our own internal processes to organize, properly prepare, and then deliver our recyclables to the right places every week. We are proud to participate in our Municipality’s program. Are you?

Here are some recycling guidelines for our municipality.

Styrofoam - Yes

This is a big category for us. The amount of packing material we get every day is enormous. It also consumes a fair amount of space in our warehouse as we organize for delivery to the recycling center. Our team is meticulous about removing tape, labels, and making sure the Styrofoam is  clean.

Styrofoam - No

Yet, there is a lot of Styrofoam that cannot be recycled. The good news about this Styrofoam waste is that it will biodegrade in about 10 years in a landfill. We encourage you to purchase products that use unwaxed cardboard instead of Styrofoam when possible. Unwaxed cardboard takes about 3 months to biodegrade.

Plastic/Film - Yes

Plastic is a real problem. Micro-plastic particles have been found in fish in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Plastic does not biodegrade, it only breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces until it is actually in our food and water. We do everything we can to keep this waste out of the landfill and in the recycling process.

Plastic/Film - No

This is probably the hardest category of material to deal with.  It is unfortunate to put this material into a landfill, so we do everything we can to avoid it. Instead of a six pack of cans, we buy cardboard packaged materials (notice how you are seeing more of this option). Save the bubble wrap and reuse it. Instead of ziplock style storage or stretch cling wrap, we opt for reusable containers.  And those snacks in unrecyclable containers.... I just have to avoid that for my diet!

90% of operating cost at a facility is staff dealing with contaminants.
The wrong material or dirty material drives costs way up.
Do your part and do it right

Want a poster for your office or home? Click here to download the content we have shared in a printable format.