Our Brand has Evolved

05.19.20 05:12 PM By mark

More than Audio Video

Our evolved brand is Balaklava. I once heard that your brand is in your customer's mouth. You are what they say you are and they vote with their dollars and referrals. Our customers/business partners usually refer to us as "Balaklava". We have removed "audio" from our branding.


Balaklava is a 25+ year old company that has survived and grown by continually adapting to our Customer's needs. After listening to our Customers and business partners and then reviewing our sales patterns, we realized that we have grown beyond being an AV company.While we still do a significant amount of AV, "audio" in our name needed to go.


The new website is up at We will gradually replace signage on vans and the storefront over time. The same people doing the same great work are all here and focused on giving you the great systems and services we have always provided.



Our focus is Technology Simplified. Our Customers want simplicity. Not just a simple system, but a simple and easy experience during the entire process with Balaklava. The key to Technology Simplified is focus on what our Customers are trying to achieve and living within their budget constraints.



Please think of our technology offering as tools to solve your needs. Some of our tools today include:

  • Control Systems - a simple experience allowing easy usage of the technology.
  • Networks - residential, commercial, and houses of worship all need secure, reliable networks.
  • Surveillance - camera systems and recording solutions
  • Lighting Control - masterful control of all or some of the lights on the property is very easy.
  • Entertainment/Presentation Systems - this is more than AV, it is a coherent approach to delivering the experience.


We look forward to working with you in the future. Please contact us with any questions.

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