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06.17.20 12:36 PM By mark

Locally Grown Just for Your Project

We rarely talk about brands/products or the technology to deliver an experience. Our focus is on understanding our customer's needs and then finding the right tools to deliver Technology Simplified. However, we have adjusted our product lines to be more Canadian based.


Now more than ever, we need shorter supply lines, better exchange rates and fantastic products that are very solid. Between the trade wars and Covid-19, we have doubled down on finding local solutions in Canada. Our audio product lines now use Paradigm and Anthem. Both great Canadian companies that design, build, and provide support from right here in Ontario.


Founded in 1982 just outside Toronto, Paradigm provides a complete line of speakers that will satisfy the most discerning audiophile and also fulfill more passive listening experience such as in ceiling/wall speakers to outdoor audio. We get excited about many of the technical advantages that Paradigm brings to the table, but we won't bore you with the minutia.

Anthem AV

Anthem AV builds high quality amplifiers, receivers, and multi-room audio products that deliver all the great sounds in any system. The Anthem brand has been in Canada since 1998.


ARC is the Anthem Rom Correction, which is an ingenious piece of software that adjusts how the electronics and speakers deliver high quality audio in any room. Balaklava uses a microphone and ARC to quickly adjust how the system responds in every room of your home or office. All designed and developed right here in Mississauga.

Widespread Industry Adoption

Anthem and Paradigm are widely used in the residential technology industry, as reported by CEPro Magazine Brand Survey in 2019. This industry is filled with many brands from around the globe, yet these Paradigm and Anthem are widely used globally and have strong market share. While these brands may be new to you, the industry knows and uses them often.


From the 2019 CEPro industry brand survey:

  • Anthem is the No. 1 brand of home theater preamps/processors, with a 30% market share  Anthem is the No. 4 AV Receiver brand with a 31% market share.
  • Paradigm is the No. 6 most-used-brand of freestanding loudspeakers among the CE Pro 100, with a 27% market share.
  • Paradigm is the No. 7 brand in architectural speakers, with a 22% market share
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