Basement Conversion?

11.09.20 01:51 PM By mark

Is it time to convert your basement into a functional space?

There are more people at home these days and there are more people per house at home. Functional space is becoming more important. We have a few ideas on what can be done with basement.

A Home Studio

Working parents need a place to work at home and the basement is a great location. The sound isolation and physical separation from the main floor of the home makes the basement a great place to get work done.
The main living areas of the home typically have hollow doors, un-insulated dry wall walls, and its right where everybody else is. We have all either been on or seen a video of a call that the kids/pets just meander in, creating a distraction. Or, work needs to get done, but the distractions are making it difficult to make progress.
The basement can be isolated just by closing the door. The physical barrier of the floor is a great sound isolator, especially if it is insulated and finished. Some ceilings are not sealed and insulated; however, this is a minor part of the remodeling effort. Next, add some walls and consider insulating them to reduce outside noise. Finally, think about a solid core door with an automatic door bottom.  The door bottom seals off noise leaks from below the door.

A Home Studio will need some technology. Video calls are going to be around for a long time to come. A good camera, microphone, lighting, and speakers will make the Home Studio perform like magic. We have begun to tolerate the laptop camera and mic with bad lighting, but we have also seen someone with a great setup that sounds good and looks right (with the right background). Add some sound absorption material to make the room not sound like an echo chamber and video calls will go really well. No headset required. The most important piece is a network connection that is secure, reliable, and fast.

We also encourage an "On The Air" sign outside the door that can be turned on to let everyone else know you are on a call.

All Play and No Work

Another alternative is to build out an entertainment space in the basement. If we have to be home for so long, then we should have some fun. The basement is also a great way to have the kids downstairs while the parents are upstairs working or entertaining other adults.


The most popular solution is a home theater. Especially since going to the movie theater is not going to happen for a while. A large screen is the best part of the theater. Go as large as the room and budget will allow. The display could be a large flat panel display or a projector and screen. The current projection and screen technology is very good and will deliver a larger image than is typically practical with a flat panel display. The other advantage of a screen is that the speakers can be behind the screen for a better sonic experience.


Sound is equally important for a theatrical experience. We can design the right audio system for a room and budget that will sound great. Spending a lot of money is not always the right solution for a space.


Every theater can also be a fantastic gaming experience. Imagine playing Call of Duty on a HUGE screen with a great sound system. It is common for theaters to connect games and/or mobile devices allowing the game experience to change on the fly.


Let the Games Begin

Another extremely popular solution for the basement is a multi-purpose game room. In addition to physical games like pool and shuffleboard, watching hockey/soccer/basketball/etc on multiple displays is always fun. A simple remote that can put various games on various displays while only listening to one delivers a great experience.


It is a good idea to have one large display and multiple small displays place around the room. The large display can deliver a theater experience as well or be showing the primary game.


We hope this gives you some ideas of how to turn your basement into an important part of your home.