Don't Be Home Alone

08.13.20 06:04 PM By mark

Surround your home or business with safety, security and access control.

In these trying times of Covid-19, many of us are working from home and/or we are one of the few people in the office. It is difficult to know who is at the door or at the gate wanting in. Maybe it is just the delivery driver, maybe it is the repair person that you need to work on something.

There are some interesting solutions that have evolved in the last 12 moths, some of it due to Covid-19.

Touchless Access

Many of us don't want to touch surfaces of any kind now. This impacts door bells/buzzers and keypads. Motion sensors will help, especially if we are recording to see who has been at the door. Yet the person at the door needs to ring the bell.

Introducing the pedal. Yes, a pedal that can be retrofitted and instead of ringing the door bell, step on the pedal. It even comes with a sign to put over the door bell pointing to the pedal.

Once combined with a camera, intercom, and an electronic lock, the door can be attended from anywhere. This is more than just a Ring type camera, it is a complete system that gives you visibility AND control of the door.

Get Rid of the Keypad

The 10 digit keypad is on its way out as an access tool. Nobody wants another password and we don't want to touch that thing anyway. Enter the QR Code. Newer systems are migrating away from fobs, access cards, and access codes towards a QR code on a phone. A reader is at the door and will read the code from the phone. If the code is correct, they are in and the door unlocks.

The QR Code access can be used at home or work. You no longer need a key to get in your own home. And, you don't have to touch that keypad with yet another code. The code can also be turned off or provided for a temporary use such as house keeper access.

Beyond Consumer Grade

The systems we recommend are highly secure and designed for the rugged Canadian winter. Our installations go beyond bolting a blue box to the wall outside your door. For your home or business, the systems are commercial grade and highly durable. We then configure the system on your secured network, connect all your devices (phones, computers, TVs) for full access to the system. You can even access the system remotely and communicate with someone at the door.

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